MONTHLY TUITION: $140.00 ensures you a thirty minute lesson four times per month. Hour lessons are open to adults and advanced students at $70.00/hour. My large roster of students prohibits rescheduling. The studio is open Mon. through Sat.

*Billing is monthly with full payment due at the beginning of the first lesson each month.

We accept Visa and Master Card, cash, and checks payable to Switzer Musical Productions, Inc.

begins with a review of the vocal exercises given the previous week. (Students are encouraged to be warmed-up upon arrival.) Next, we dissect a song word by word, note by note, and methodically apply good technique. Once a song is technically sound, we work on finding the sentiment behind the lyrics and taking the song to an artistic level.

A FOLDER is necessary! This is to be brought to every lesson to keep all learning materials together.

The student and I will choose SONGS together. I encourage input and will guide the student only as it regards to the skill level appropriateness and its availability in an instrumental form (Karaoke, music only track). Students can either purchase the Karaoke track on their own, or a charge will be added to their next invoice if I purchase it for them.

PARENTS, friends and family are welcomed to come in and observe students and take care of any “housekeeping”
the first or last five minutes of the lesson. In my experience, students are better focused, less inhibited in singing, and more productive overall when they are on their own.

I offer our PROFESSIONAL RECORDING STUDIO to my students who have mastered a song for the purpose of learning the recording process and to have a quality recording for use as a demo and/or to document their progress.

A PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE is scheduled two times a year in the Spring and Fall. We will develop the song as well as stage presence and mic technique to prepare for the showcase.

PRACTICING for fifteen minutes to a half hour a day is key to improving as a vocalist. I’ll provide range and skill appropriate vocal exercises on a CD for students to take home. After their warm-up, students are encouraged to work on the song we’ve chosen. With this practice schedule, students hear a marked improvement within a few weeks.