"When I first met Jill, I was uncomfortable singing Happy Birthday in a crowd, so I just mouthed the words. Even though I had no natural skills or aspirations for becoming a professional performer, I had always wanted to find my voice. Well, Jill did it. She found me somewhere in my own throat. I sang Happy Birthday at her husband\'s party. I sang in public. I sing to myself for comfort and joy--all things I never did before meeting Jill. You are the greatest! Thank you!"
Kim Canavan

"I've taken lessons from Jill Switzer with Switzer Musical Productions for approximately six months. In the short amount of time she's worked with me, I can hear an improvement with voice control and an increase in vocal range.  Her skills and knowledge with voice training are essential for any aspiring vocalist, from ages 3 to 103."
Lisa Thibodeau

"Jill - I received your book from an Amazon vendor in the mail yesterday.  I
started leafing through last night, reading the introduction, and then
various pages...YOU ARE SUCH A DELIGHTFUL HUMAN BEING!  I don't know if you
realize this...but what a dear and adorable person you are to offer such
personal and helpful tips on life in general.  I must say, I was blown away
by the kindness and thoughtful effort you put into the pages I read.  You
really are one of a kind!"

Lisa Soud

“I just want you to know how much you already have, and still are helping me with my voice on every level. It's as though I sooooo needed to cross your path. Your unbelievable ability to communicate your exceptional knowledge, experiences, complete frame of reference and command of singing technique and vocal performance, in such a gifted, sincere manner, has not only supported my dreams, but has re-inspired and re-invigorated some that have been on hold for quite a while. You have that gift, and I say it because it's the truth. I want you to know that I see that and that's the effect you have had on me, and I am sure everyone else who is blessed to have you as their teacher.”
Caroline Connelly, MS/CCC-SLP,PC; BAE (Speech Language Pathologist/ Certified Educator)